Fried Chicken Master Singapore

When people talk about Taiwan’s fried chicken, the hot star fried chicken (Hao da fried chicken) is always hot of the topic. That was one of my favourite stall if I ever crave for fried chicken, but I have another favourite now!

The Fried Chicken Master from Taiwan has landed in Singapore. To be honest, I have never heard of this shop before, and I am impressed after trying this fried chicken stall located at Nex. Be it whether you like wings, chicken breast , chicken thigh or  even small chicken popcorn, Fried Chicken master got it covered. Check their Jimbo classics out!

Lovely Jimbo [$5] – Chicken breast

Running Jimbo [$4.80]- Fried Chicken Thigh Must Try!

Cute Jimbo[$4.80] – Jimbo Fried Chicken Must Try!

Flying Jimbo[$3.80]- Chicken Wings (x 2)

Earl Grey Milk tea [$2.50]- Must Try!

So, what is so special about the fried chicken here compared to other fried chicken stalls? Here at Fried Chicken Master, they use fresh chicken (Not frozen)! They cut into heart shape and marinated both batter and the meat so that the entire fried chicken will be flavourful! And for someone who doesn’t like chicken breast like me, you got to try the lovely jimbo! The meat is not chewy and tough and you can just eat this effortlessly!

Yes, they do sell burger too! I prefer just the fried chicken though because I am not a burger person.

Oh ya! The outlets in Taiwan are all halal, the one in SG is current pending approval!

**This is a hosted meal by Fried Chicken Master**

📍NEX Serangoon, #B2-48A, 23 Serangoon Central, 556083
☎️6593 9403

💻 –
⏰ Mon-Sun: 1030-2200
📡 No
💳 Cash
💰 Service Charge –

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