Cha Thai

If you want to enjoy high quality Thai food, then you have pay a visit to Cha Thai. Yes I am inclined to agree that the price at Cha Thai is pretty steep, BUT the quality of the food is really good. At Cha Thai, they use quality meat and ingredients . Prior to that, they take a lot of time in preparation and their unique cooking techniques in order to serve their customer a full and hearty meals!

Coconut SmoothieGuys you just got to try this cup of coconut smoothie! Its really good and refreshing!

Thai Fruit Salad [$16]We kickstart our meal with this plate of refreshing salad. Seasonal Tropical fruits mixed salad with Guava, mango ,corn and salad.

Creamy Crab Roll [$15]Deep Fried Spring roll sticks with crab cream sauce. A perfect appetiser for all!

Crispy Prawn Cake [$15]Generous of prawn meat that was stuffed in the crispy batter. Served with Sweet plum sauce. Just the prawn cake itself is pretty tasty!

Boat Noodle[$18] Must Try!Its a signature dish in Thai Cuisine that you got to try! The serving is big hence its recommended to share with your friends! The soup base is cooked with more than 15 herbs, that explains the thick and rich taste!

Baked Pineapple Rice[$18]The presentation of this dish is definitely A+! Not only that, this is not the same as the usual pineapple rice. The rice tastes a hint of curry spice , served with chicken, pineapples,cashew nuts,sweet pepper bells and raisins.

Pad Thai[$22]Stir fried noodle fried with original Prawn pad sauce served with green mango.

Baked Tiger Prawn Glass Noodle Claypot[$159]Don’t be shocked with the price! This portion is big enough for 4 people! The big and juicy prawns were cooked with good quality vermicelli , spices, ginger,pepper and spring onion.

Lemongrass Tiger Prawn[$28] Must Try!One of my favourite dishes! Stir Fried Prawn with lemongrass!

Stir Fried Pork with Bird’s Chilli[$18]Good quality pork that makes this dish a special one!

Sautéed minced pork with basil leaf[$18]Minced pork with basil leaves is always a must try whenever I step into a Thai food place, but this is cooked with baby corn and long bean, a little different from the usual one.

Tom Yum Soup Clear [$28]Lots of ingredients such as mushroom, prawns, mussels and fish balls cooked in clear soup base. Sourish more than spicy I would think.

Signature Tiger Prawn Panang Curry[$28] Must Try!Thai Saffron Curry with prawns and Lychee drizzled with coconut cream. I am in love with this dish. Lychees that add some sweets into this spiced dish.

Cha Thai Toast [$8] Must Try!We took some time to take photos and the waitress insisted to let us try a new plate of toast. Eat it while its hot! The toast is so soft and the thai milk tea/ Pandan Sauces are so good! I prefer thai milk tea over the pandan one but the pandan is equally good!

**This is a hosted meal by Cha Thai**

📍 80 Telok Ayer Street

#01-01 Singapore 048466

☎️ 6636 3696


Click Here for reservation

⏰Mon- Sat: 1100- 2200

Sun: Closed

📡 No

💳 Cash & Credit card

💰 Service Charge Yes

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