Peony Jade @ Keppel Club

The first time I went to Peony Jade, I thought it is another chinese restaurant but to my astonishment, I am totally impressed with the food quality!

Deep-Fried Bull Frog Tossed in Spiced Fragrant Salt[$12(S), $18(M),$24(L)]Are you up for it? This dish turned up to be pretty tasty!

Boiled Chicken Consommé with Conch and Maca Root[$18 per Guest]Soft Boiled for hours, this soup was indeed nourishing!

Fillets of Garoupa with Black Truffle & Green Asparagus [$68]Fresh and tasty garoupa in slices. 

Salted Baked Hairy Crab[$68, Available from early October 2016 to end November 2016]This is a very interesting dish!Hammer it and start your crab feast!


Your weekend can be a good one after this feast. I am impressed with the food quality. I would definitely recommend this place because its worth it!

Tweety Birdie[$8/3 Pieces]

Steamed Piggie Cha Siew Bao [$7.50/3 Pieces]

Matcha Salted Egg Yolk [$9/3 pieces]

Molten Choc-On- Bao [$7.50/3 Pieces]

Crispy Flaky Pastry filled with Tenderloin of Beef in Black Pepper Sauce[$9.50/3 Pieces]

Steamed Kampung Chicken flavoured in Premium Dark Soya [$48/Whole Chicken]


Appetizer Crispy Aromatic Duck Salad

Marinated Drunken Cockles

Crispy Suckling Pig served with otah wrapped in homemade Vietnamese rice roll crepe.

Fresh Prawn tofu roll[$9.50/3 Pieces]

**This is a hosted meal by Peony Jade**

📍10 Bukit Chermin Rd, Keppel Club

Singapore 109918

☎️ 62769138


Click Here for reservation

⏰Mon- Fri: 1100-1430,1800-2230

Sat-Sun: 1030-1430, 1800-2300

📡 No

💳 Cash & Credit card

💰 Service Charge Yes




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