Barashi Tei 

Located beside the famous Le cafe confectionery & pastry, this newly opened Japanese restaurant is another food place that you shouldn’t miss!

And you know what! They are opened till 4am everyday! Another supper option for you now!

Avocado Salmon Salad [$13.80]Very refreshing and healthy appetiser to start off your meal!

Sashimi Salad [$13.80]I prefer the avocado salmon over this one as too much sashimi on the salad seems to be fishy.

Spicy Salmon Maki [$12.80] Must Try!Ebi Tempura wrapped with salmon aburi and rice topped with spicy mentaiko sauce and ikura, this is one of my favourite dishes! For those who don’t eat spicy stuff, not to worry as the spice is just a very mild one.

Dragon Maki[$8.80]I am not into Unagi, but this dragon maki that includes unagi and avocado topped with mayo and fish roe is tasty!

Avocado Ebi Maki[$12.80] Must Try!Avocado with Ebi tempura will never go wrong! This is good!

Rice Paper Ebi Maki [$10.80] Must Try!That shiok moment when you put everything in your mouth! I am in love with rice paper ebi maki now!

Chirashi Don[$23]Not a fan of Chirashi don, but the sashimi is fresh!

Bara Chirashi[$13.80]When everything mix together, its too fishy.

Ika Teriyaki [$13.80]This is on par with the one at Sushi tei!

Sirloin Steak Foie Gras[$19.80] Must Try!DAMN NICE ! The foie gras was on point that I was reluctant to share with others!

Kurama Ebi[$7.80] Must Try!Pan fried prawns with lots of garlic! Very tasty!

Sanma Shioyaki [$6.80]

Not something I would order, but if you are a fan of this, its definitely worth a try!

**This is a hosted meal by Barashi Tei**

📍266 Middle Road

Singapore 188991

☎️ 84215228

💻  –

⏰ Mon-Sun:1100-1500,1800-0400

📡 No

💳 Cash & Credit card

💰 Service Charge Yes


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