Truly Test Kitchen

Located at Jun Jie Industrial building, this coffeeshop is opened by three young and hardworking hawkerpreneurs. From Hainanese curry rice to a range of noodles, western and porridge , from  a Truly curry stall to a Truly Test Kitchen, I must say that they have succeeded.

Find it a hassle to travel ? Fret not. Truly Test Kitchen is going to offer food delivery through foodpanda in July 2016!

Carrot Cake[$2]  Must Try!Best carrot cake I ever tried!  Slight crispy on the outside and soft, sweet in the inside. A very savoury dish that you must try!

Chicken Waffle[$4]Chicken waffle at $4, where to find?! Pretty decent dish that would probably keep you full for rest of the day!

Cheese Pork Noodle[$4] Must Try!I am always craving for cheesy noodle when I travel to Hong Kong, but I satisfy my craving now! Cutlet atop cheesy noodle, how shiok is that!

Braised Radish[$2] Must Try!

This is a must try so please try if you are there! Savoury sweet radish soup that is so impressive!

Mee Sua with handmade minced meat [$3.50]Do not underestimate this bowl of mee sua, it tastes so good! One of the healthier dishes and it does not taste bland at all!

Pork Belly [$4.50]Very crispy pork belly yet not tough and easy to chew!

Penne Sambal Seafood Pasta [$3.50]The first time I tried this dish I find it too sourish. We feedback to Joel and when I tried again the 2nd time, it has improved so much!

Curry Noodle [$3.50]Definitely shiok when you eat this on rainy days! Huge portion at only $3.50!

Fried Pork Belly Noodle[$3.50]Tender juicy pork belly that really makes this dish an outstanding one.  Its a simple dish at an affordable price. You have no reason not to try it!

Western Breakfast[$4.50]Hearty breakfast that can keep you full all day without having a hole in your pocket! Nothing fanciful but hey it is really value for money!

Pork Cutlet Curry Noodle [$3.50]Thick and flavourful curry noodle that makes me want to have more! Maggie mee always go so well with curry!

**This is a hosted meal by Truly Test Kitchen**

📍Jun Jie Industrial Building
153 Lorong Ampat # 07-05
Singapore 368326

☎️ 90083285

💻 –

⏰Mon-Sat : 700-1600

Sun: Closed

📡 No

💳 Cash

💰 Service Charge No

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