Penang Culture

Do you know Penang Culture is the first Penang-themed halal certified restaurant in Singapore?

In celebration of its fifth anniversary, Penang Culture has come out with a new set of menu to showcase some interesting versions of familiar Penang dishes with a twist!
Premium Crab Meat & Salted Egg Fried Kway Teow [$15.95] Must Try!Penang Culture has joined in the salted egg craze ,hence this salted egg dish! Tender flat noodles wok fried with garlic, beansprouts , homemade sambal and mashed salted egg. The kway teow has a distinct taste of wok hei which made the entire dish a tasty one. Topped with generous amount of prawns, squid, fish cake , cockles and finish off with meaty mud crab meat and salted egg crumbs, I am completely in love with this dish!

Premium Lobster & Scallop Noodle [$16.95]Do you know when we say Hokkien Mee in Penang, it is actually a bowl of prawn noodle and not the Singapore style Hokkien mee? Each bowl contains yellow noodles, scallops, slices of chicken, fish cake, Kang Kong (water convolvulus), tau teh (beansprouts), a hard boiled egg and a whole slipper lobster! The stock is the highlight of this dish as it is slow-boiled with a bounty of prawns, crabs and chicken bones to come out with this thick tasty broth!

Salmon Assam Laksa [$11.95]People usually dislike assam laksa because the broth is tangy. Fret not if you are one of them, because the Assam Laksa in Penang culture is not too tangy. Norwegian Salmon is atop of the thick vermicelli and tasty broth to crown the dish, very fresh and no usual cooked salmon taste. Hae kor (prawn paste) is drizzled to finish off this dish.

BBQ Salmon[$11.95]The quality of the salmon won’t go wrong if it is from Norway. Two slices of Norwegian salmon fillet are grilled and topped with sublime sweet and spicy paste. I quite like this dish and it would be perfect if its spicier .

Penang Fire Wings [$6.55] Must Try!Wings coated with bellman and tossed with sweet plum and thai chilli sauce, peppered with chilli padi. Chilli lovers, you will definitely like this dish! It is tasty and spicy just like korean spicy wings!

Penang Curry Fish Balls [$4.95]Put aside the large juicy fishballs, I like the chicken curry gravy very much! Its not like those thick curry gravy, it is light yet the taste is on point!

Penang Durian Cendol [From $4.65] Must Try!Mixture of Mao Shan Wang and D24 durian atop a bowl of chendol , this is definitely a must order after a hearty meal. Try it!

**This is hosted meal by @Penangculture**

📍Changi Airport Terminal 2, Departure/Check-in Hall

Level 3,#036-087-01

☎️ 65467793

💻  –

⏰ Mon-Sun: 1030-2200 (Last order at 2130)

📡 wireless@SG

💳 Cash & Credit card

💰 Service Charge Yes











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