O Coffee Club (Paragon)

Yes! O’ Coffee club just had a revamp! Not only that, ALL-DAY breakfast is now available at all 12 outlets in Singapore!

ALL-DAY Breakfast

Egg Benedict [$10.90] – Choice of : Smoked Salmon, ham or Mangalica BaconYes!! Egg Benedict for only $10.90 and it was really good! Smoked salmon has the right balance of smoky, sweet and salty while bacon was so crispy and not too salty. Beside the two perfectly poached egg, what impressed me was the ciabatta bread that was soft yet crunchy! This is definitely a must try!

Waffle Stacker[$19.90]- choice of coffee maple syrup , gula melaka cream or normal maple syrupLive up to its name, generous amount of mangalica bacon and scramble eggs are filled in between 3 tiered brown waffles and topped with knobs of butter.  The portion of this dish is huge and it would be better to share 2-3 people, unless you are a waffle lover and you can have all by yourself!

French Toast [$7.90]- choice of coffee maple syrup or gula melaka creamFrench toast lover anyone? Golden brown pieces of fried Pullman French toast served with orange-infused Mascarpone cheese, drizzled with gula melaka cream! The toasts were soft and fluffy and it went well with gula melaka cream. I am a lover of mascarpone but orange infused is a little too much for me.

ALL-TIME Favourite

Classic Caesar Salad with Cheese Crisp 

Choice of :

Chicken Picante [$11.90]   ,    Smoked Salmon[$12.90]Well, go healthy with lots of greens and salmon! This is decently good and the smoked salmon just made this dish a must-try. ^^

Country Pie [$12.90]Chunks of chicken, carrots, onions, garlics and celery in a white sauce topped with mash potatoes , this country pie is indeed a comforting food! Dip the crispy toasted paprika tortillas with it to make it more shiok!

Garlic Prawn Pasta [$15.90]I was so looking forward to try this dish as pasta is my all time favourite , so much that I can eat this everyday. With that say, I was a little (0.0001%) disappointed as the pasta was a little undercooked. It would be better if there was more garlic and if the pasta was not undercooked. Prawn is on point but pasta could be more tasty. Ok this give me another reason to try this dish again. I shall pay another visit soon. 😀

Muddy Mud Pie [$11.90] Consists of a duo of cappuccino and chocolate ice cream on a chewy cookie and cream base topped off with a drizzle of chocolate sauce and oreo cookie crumbs, how to say no to this sinful yet awesome dessert?!

Frozen Espresso Latte [$6.40]Spot that penguins and polar bear out! Espresso latte that comes with a polar bear and penguin shaped espresso ice cube topped with warm milk, definitely a must in this hot weather!

Gourmet Coffee 

O’Coffee Club Classic [$6.90]- French press recommended

Choice of brewing style: French press, drip or Syphon BrewCoffee lovers, this is something that you shouldn’t miss out! To enjoy a good cup of coffee, an hour glass timer is given for you to experience the best taste of the coffee!

**This is a hosted meal by O’coffee club**

📍290 Orchard Road

Paragon #03-09

Singapore 238859

☎️ 67333595

💻  www.ocoffeeclub.com

⏰ Mon-Sun: 1000-2100

📡 –

💳 Cash & Credit card

💰 Service Charge Yes

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