Ninja Bowl (Singapore)

Ninja Bowl is the third outlet under the Astronauts group. Located at the exact place where Department of Caffeine used to be, this cafe has brought the newest concept in Duxton road.

Coconut Lemon Mint [$8]Enjoy a glass of refreshing drink with generous slices of coconut in it! Comes with lemon and mint leaves and we definitely need this in such hot weather!

Ninja BowlsSo how does this work? All the bowls start out carb free if you do not want to consume a heavy meal. You can top up $2 for add ons such as Ninja rice* and Orzo pasta** , or $3 for white quinoa. MOST IMPORTANTLY, all the prices at Ninja Bowls are nett price and there is no service charge!

*Ninja Rice- A blend of  Japanese pearl rice and brown rice with seaweed flakes.

**Orzo Pasta- A rice shaped short cut pasta tossed with honey, multigrain mustard, miso and chilli or a heap of garden greens

Tsukiji[$16]This dish is named after a famous seafood market in Tokyo. Tsukiji consists of Tuna tataki, asparagus & edamame ,pickled cucumbers, cherry tomatoes , furikake and an onsen egg. I am surprised that the pan seared tuna is so fat and tasty! Quinoa is not my cup of tea, but i am confident this bowl will go well with orzo pasta or Ninja rice!

Genki [$16]This is my favourite among the Ninja Bowls. This bowl consists of Yaki Unagi, roasted pumpkin, beansprouts, pickled beets and an onsen egg. Unagi is soft and sweet, bean sprouts were added in to give a crunchy feel and the roasted pumpkin tastes so good!

Noka [$14]Noka- It means “farmer” in Japanese. Consists of beef cheek,baby corn,korean beansprouts, mixed nuts,semi dried tomatoes and an onsen egg. Beef cheeks are braised for 24 hours in veal jus and homemade soy sauce and that explains the super soft and tender texture of the beef cheek, though it tastes a little bland.  The baby corn is cooked with red and white miso dressing and this is definitely worth to try.

Tonkotsu Spirit [$16]This is another savoury dish that you must try. Its like a Japanese style brunch,comes with Japanese aburi cha siew,melted cheddar toast,smashed avocado and poached eggs. I am in love with the soft tasty cha siew though it would be better to eat with some sauce!

Ebisu [$18] Woo! A big portion of Hokkaido Scallops and mussels cooked i umami filled miso cream sauce. Comes with two slices of bread for you to eat with the cream sauce! Fresh

Fancy French [$16]Fanciful indeed! French toast with layers of fig jam, ume-boshi infused honey,fresh grapes, plums and homemade hazelnut. French toast was thick yet soft and fluffy and it goes so well with the rest. Must-try dish if you are going !

**This is a hosted meal by Ninja Bowl**

📍15 Duxton Road

Singapore 089481

☎️ 62228055

💻  –

⏰ Mon-Fri: 0930-1930


📡 yes

💳 Cash & Credit card

💰 Service Charge No


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