Washoku-Goen 和食五绿

People who work in CBD area, here’s a piece of good news for you! Washoku Goen can now be found in Clifford Centre’s Foodfare Emporium!

Washoku Goen ,which is well known for having huge servings, has recently opened their 7th outlet. Cheap and good and huge portion, WHY NOT?  The chef has come out with new creations which I am going to share with you guys in this post. Do note that these new dishes are only available at this outlet stall.

Tonpei Original Curry Rice [$6.80]

A plate of pork-stuffed omelette topped with mayonnaise and okonomiyaki sauce, served together with steamed rice and curry just make this dish a special one!  The taste of sweet okonomiyaki sauce blended very well with the tenderness of the pork slices and soft creamy omelette. This dish is definitely a must try! Portion is quite big so if your appetite is not so big, it would be good to share with another person. $6.80 for such big serving, where to find?!

Mushidori Original Curry Rice [$7.80]

Mushidori original curry rice is basically adding Japanese curry onto a plate of Hainanese chicken rice.  Interesting combination ya? The vegetables  were too salty for my liking. In contrary to Tonpei Original , I think this dish is pretty normal.

Japanese Ultimate Original Curry Rice [$19.80]

KFC has ultimate box, Washoku Goen has Japanese Ultimate Original Curry Rice. This dish ,which you can also find at other stall outlets, consists of fish katsu , half boiled egg , beef slices, Tonkatsu , Chicken Katsu , Croquetto and this is recommended for a group of 2-3 people. A bowl of curry was served separately so that the katsu would not turn soggy. Good move I must say.

**This is a hosted meal by Goen Washoku **


📍24 Raffles Place , Clifford Centre

Foodfare Emporium @ B1 ( Stall no. 6)

Singapore 048621

☎️ –

💻  –

⏰ Mon-Sun: 1100-2200

📡 Wireless@SG

💳 Cash only

💰 Service Charge No


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